Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Rehearsal Dinner

after all the morning activities,
we headed out to Ruby Caroline that afternoon for the rehearsal 
it was so fun to actually see the place
and all the chairs ware already set up in the circle
(they had a circle wedding - where the chairs all circled around them and this beautiful arbor that my dad made)
 typical position you will find the love birds in :)
 b with her bridesmaids (minus family)
mary beth looked so pretty and like a flower angel
we found this dress the week before and it was perfect for her
she wore a headband made of baby's breath for her hair -
she was stunning!
 speaking of stunning -
my mom was too!
but i don' think i have a picture to show you -
you will just have to believe me :)
 our sweet little family
so glad i got these pictures
because i didn't get one picture of our family at the actual wedding
not one.
i was so sad -
but i had to prioritize and just enjoy things that night!

 amy with her sweet girls!
 mary beth with mom and alex's mom charro
 the sudan fam
 after the rehearsal we went to olive branch for a wonderful dinner
and sweet tosts from friends and family
i didn't get any pics but this one from the night
but it was such a sweet time of celebrating b & hanj and their life together!
what a fun day it was!
memories made and time enjoyed!

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