Thursday, March 15, 2012

Summer time (in march)

last week
our dear friends the quiroz's (minus ryan - we missed you!)
were in town.
on monday morning we headed over to dana's house
and the kids had a fun time playing together
you would have thought it was summer
with the amount of sun and water that was being used
they decided to play in the sand pit
so we stripped them of their clothes :)
little c still had her headband in :)

magen & campbell
danny & c
4 days apart
they look like they could be twins!
we decided against going to chick fil a
and we just picked it up and had a picnic
in the backyard
the kids loved it
and the mommies did too!
it is always so refreshing and encouraging being with magen
i love her and miss seeing her like we use to!
fun times!

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