Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mary Beth's Waco Shower

on saturday mary beth had a shower in waco
it was a beautiful shower
with all the details so dainty and perfect!
love the flowers
alice does such a good job!
i also loved this fruit arrangement!
i might have to steal this idea sometime ;)
these cookies not only looked pretty but tasted delicious!
amy & mrs. mulkey
lisa, meg, carolyn, and mb
sweet friends
mom and one of her two best friends from high school, cindy
sweet WIMA ladies - love them!
sweet friends of my mom
aunt cathy, emily & betsy mabry (lifelong friends from houston), and alex
amy & i
the beautiful bride to be
think this pic is funny b/c amy and i have similar expressions on our face :)
mom & b
the wonderful gifts she recieved
sisters :)
sisters and sisters
thank you to everyone who hosted such a beautiful shower for mary beth!
it was wonderful and such a sweet time to celebrate what is to come for her and hanj!

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