Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resurrection Mountain

The week of easter Jayden and I had a fun activity that helped us
focus in on what Easter is all about.
It was perfect for his age and hopefully we will make this a tradition for years to come.
I got the idea and instructions from the book,
"Treasuring God in your Traditions"
by Noel Piper

it is a wonderful book on how to make holidays and birthdays
special and meaningful without being commercialized.

We spread the project out throughout the week, but she
recommends having it for the entire week from Palm Sunday
to Easter and to spread the story from the scriptures through out the week.

First we made the mountain out of the recipe in the book.
4 cups of flour,
1 1/2 cups of salt
1 tablespoon of oil
1 1/2 cups of water
mix it together

and then shape it into a mountain,
stick your fist into the middle to make the place for the tomb
make a whole in the top for the cross
you bake it at 250 for 4 hours
and then you can paint it
we only had finger paint,
so that is what we used!
for the cross, we found 2 sticks in the yard and put them together with twine,
you also want to find a rock and fit it to the tomb, before you cook it

we then made the people out of pipe cleaners
they were very "creative" but sara and jayden had fun
making them
you use these people when you are telling the story
we used the mountain and the people and recounted the story to jayden
and the boys
on good Friday we put Jesus in the tomb,
and then there was silence on Saturday
to represent the waiting
and then on Easter morning,
Jayden awoke to this:
the stone was rolled away and He is RISEN!
jayden was so excited about it,
and i think from talking about it throughout the week
with this activity -
it helped it sink in
Thank you Jesus that you are RISEN!
we celebrate you!

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