Monday, April 4, 2011

A Garden Tea Party for Sparrow

on Saturday we went to Sparrow's
Garden Tea Party
it was a precious little party - with all of the kids
dressed in their "sunday best"

yes, i did dress duncan in a smoked "bubble" i had it in the closet and thought this was the perfect time to pull it out :)
rachel and cutie pie isaiah
the kids played some fun "garden games"
jayden with a prize

duncan enjoying his cupcake
look at cute felix and his adorable outfit
and the adorable wilson with his seersucker bow tie (that his mommy made - so so cute!)
and little miss priss who somehow grabbed this pretzel and started eating it!

sparrow - the beautiful birthday girl
and eli her brother

i mean, how cute are these two?
just content, sweet little third child babies :)
ek and duncan - isn't this pic hilarious?
the LOVE each other so much
magen & i thought campbell's expression in this pic was appropriate, because wilson kept on "tormenting" campbell trying to get her flower
dramatic you think?
zach, mike, and jordan

here those precious ones are again :)
thanks for such a fun party daniels!
we love you!


Tiffany Dawn said...

great pics! :)

Waco Sudans said...

Love those kids - really cute - but the bubble "dress" on Duncan has to go. dad

c said...

no other vote needed, but I'm with dr. sudan.

Magen Quiroz said...

oh my LOVE the danny/campbell pictures! too cute!