Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of Christ!
We awoke to the tomb empty!
i am going to make a separate post soon about our easter activity with this
i had fun this year getting to dress a girl for easter :)
she had a simple white smocked dress, but an adorable
green flower to match her brothers.
my friend makes these flowers
you can find her site here
a picture with three kids - just isn't that easy
we were trying to get the boys to kiss campbell

after a WONDERFUL service at church
i am biased but what can i say :)
we had a big group over for lunch
our families, the daniels, and alejandro (mb's bf)
alex & christina
the table setting
yes - it did flow into our living room (which is small) basically it took over the entire front part of our house
but we were all together - so that was fun!

sassy pregnant al :)

campbell is as happy as can be, as usual
we took pictures outside after lunch
here is ek and molls
such a cute picture of mama and her girl
(i think they look alike here)
the daniel family
the marable family
aren't their matching dresses adorable?

amy (christina's sister), amy, me, christina, and alex
sorry i don't know why it is doing this underline thing?
our family
alex, alice, c, amy, me, cindy (blake's mom), mom
the ogden crew
alice & c
chief and alice with their grandkids

me & amy
i told her i think we kind of look alike here :)
the boys played baseball outside after lunch

and campell was just cute watching them ;)

and then we ended the day with confetti eggs
what better way to end a sweet easter?

we loved it all and thank you everyone for coming to be with us
to celebrate this special day
we love you all!

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