Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Zoo

last wednesday we headed out to the dallas zoo with amy & emery kate.
it was a BEAUTIFUL day and a perfect time to go to the zoo (i think everyone else was at the state fair - according to magen:))

it was nice to be able to go for a little bit but not feel like we had to stay there forever
thanks amy for letting us use your pass - and for inviting us to go with you!

please notice the difference between my two boys in relating to the giraffe
1. jayden very close to me and did not want to feed the giraffe
2. duncan feeding the giraffe with no fear and putting his hand right on the mouth
(don't worry - i washed the hands afterwards!)
do you think those two pictures tell a little bit about their different personalities?
i think so :)
cutie pie!
please also note their precious shirts that my friend kelly made.
you too - can have one just go to her shop!
i thought they were the perfect shirts to wear to the zoo!
campbell was there too - but there really weren't any good pictures of her, she was sleeping in the stroller most of the time.
happy tuesday to you!

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