Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carmel/Pebble Beach Day 3 & 4

Day 3 of our trip Alice & Duncan were sick, so we mostly just stayed inside and rested. We still enjoyed the beautiful weather and went into town - but i didn't take any pictures.
On day 4 we attempted a family pic of everyone.
Let me say - this is quite a feat with our kiddos.
Can someone please tell me the trick to getting 3 year olds and 16 month olds to look?
(and 31 year old dad's who are tired of pictures? ;)

This is the whole crew outside on the back porch of our house.
Yes that is the view from the family room, patio area - isn't it gorgeous?
You can see the beautiful pebble beach golf course AND the ocean.
Very, very NICE.
campbell, andi, madeline, david, taylor, chief, geoffrey, duncan, alice, jordan, jayden, me
alice & jayden

sweet picture of uncle david and campbell
jayden & duncan both got these adorable "bomber" jackets - aren't they precious?


ellen said...

We missed you at Homecoming! What a wonderful trip!!!!!Lots of memories!

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