Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carmel/Pebble Beach Day 1 & 2

On Thursday we flew out to California for a family vacation with Jordan's family. We titled it the "ogden oasis" and the vacation was true to its name.
We started the vacation by stopping at Santa Cruz and had a wonderful lunch on the bay and then went to look at the seals.

All the kids did GREAT on the plane ride. I was thankful :)

Jordan and Jayden
looking out at the seals
the seals
(they are not the pretties of God's creatures - but they were still fun to watch :))
Jordan spotted a candy shop across from the seal watching area - and decided he HAD to stop by and see what they had there
(i think he was happy with what he found)
geoffrey found some JOLT and was happy with this as well

after eating lunch, we headed to carmel/pebble beach to our house. jordan's cousins madeline & taylor go to school in carmel & monteray so once we got into town, we stopped to see taylor play some tennis. the drive to carmel was beautiful, Hwy 1 is gorgeous and we saw a ton of strawberry fields - which was fun!

our house was gorgeous. it backed up to pebble beach golf course (3rd hole) and then past the golf course you could see the shore line. it was beautiful and of course beautiful weather.
i now am reminded why EVERYONE loves california and never wants to leave here.

we had dinner at a fun little grill in carmel. we sat outside - which is always a favorite for me!

me & duncan
andi & campbell
little d
most mornings we would wake up and after breakfast headed into carmel to run on the beach. it was SO BEAUTIFUL!!! what a wonderful way to run. it was the BEST!

sweet little campbell
alice & the kids before our run
jordan, chief, david, & geoffrey
me & J

here we are standing on the land that jordan's aunt & uncle are going to build a house on!
HOORAY!!! that means we get to come back again and again and have a place to stay!!
we are SO excited about that!

after our run on this morning we played on the beach.
it was so fun, even though the water was REALLY cold - the boys loved it!
as usual - jayden was a little cautious at first but then had a great time, duncan - jumped right in and i was so nervous with him and the ocean because he has NO fear!

i love this picture of jayden - jordan captured this moment!
it was so great!

after playing in the ocean - the boys were covered in sand.
we stripped them of their clothes and then they played in the sand a little more

we buried them in the sand and they thought it was pretty cool!

this place is really paradise on earth!
(side note: jordan and i came here for our honeymoon over 8 years ago!)


The Lacys said...

favorite pic of Duncan ever is the last one of him in the sand!! He is adorable :) we missed you at BU HC but love that y'all had the best vacation!

Tiffany Dawn said...

Man looks like SOOO much fun!!! So glad you guys could get away!

Love the pic of Jayden and Jordan at the beginning and the one of Jayden on the beach the best!! :)

Kristin said...

These pictures are amazing! The kids are SO cute! Hope you guys are having a WONDERFUL time!

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