Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Barron's "birth" day

after barron had time in the nursery
getting his first bath, weighing in, and getting monitored
they brought him up to us
and we got to enjoy our precious newborn!
 love these yummy cupcakes that alice brought!
 here my dad is with his 7th grandchild
 uncle j
 alice, jordan, and jayden

 uncle geoffrey

 aunt b & uncle hang

 my sweet neighbors came
amy (the mom) with tate & westin

 my other sweet neighbor
reece and jennifer
 abby (who is living with us this summer)
brought campbell and duncan up after they had naps
she was a huge help on this day
and has been such a blessing to have her live with us!
 here are a bunch of pictures
with the kids holding barron for the first time
 they all have been SO sweet with him
it has been amazing to watch them
transition to another sibling so smoothly
it truly is such a gift from God

 the daniels came up
tina and i
 sweet sparrow and amy
 zach & jordan

we are so thankful for all the love and support that we had at the hospital
and since we got home
so thankful for the tribe that the Lord has given us to walk with!

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