Monday, April 30, 2012

Emery Kate's 3rd Birthday

On friday our sweet niece Emery Kate had her 3rd birthday!
On saturday morning we celebrated her at her
princess birthday party!

 i don't have that many pictures of the actual birthday girl
because her and duncan were always too busy to sit still for a picture :)
 here was the fun table of snacks
it was in the morning so we had donut holes and fruit!

 ek & duncan loved this part!

 sweet georgia did too!
her birthday was the next day!
 my dad was at the party -
so there are a lot of pictures of me in them - which is not normal
he would take my camera and snap shots of me with some of my friends :)
karis & i
 dad & i
 the yummy cake
(a jordan favorite!)
 singing to the birthday girl!

 blake & amy got emery kate and molly
an awesome play structure
he finished putting it together at 2 am the morning of the party!
what a sweet dad!
the kids loved it!
 anna came from fort worth!
 charlie & sara 
(the qurioz's were in town for a wedding - so they got to come to the party! so fun having them there!)

 sweet andrew was there too!

 riley loving on her little brother

 mom, campbell, and i
 dana and i
 mom and jayden
 erin, kelly, jasper, and haven
 my sweet grandpa even came
 we love you ek and are so thankful for your life!
your ogden cousins love you
and we are thankful that we get to spend so much time with you!


Kelli said...

Love the pic of Jasper grabbing Haven's arm chub. She wasn't even phased! So glad your dad snapped some pics of you. :)

Jennie said...

you are the cutest pregnant girl ever...look like 5 months pregnant..not 9! :)