Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Pics @ the Arboretum

so a couple of weeks before easter
i asked jordan to go with me to the arboretum one morning
(with the kids in their easter clothes)
so that we could try to get some good pictures of the kids in their sweet clothes :)
i am always reminded why you pay for professional photos
to get good pictures when you have multiple kids
it just doesn't happen :)
but good pictures of the kids individually
so i was thankful for that!
and even some of two of them

the arboretum is beautiful at this time of year
i love little miss in her long smocked dress
but it does have to be stuffed in her bloomers
when it comes to walking around the arboretum

this is campbell's pouty face
i have no idea where she learned it
she is such a little girl!

love this pic of duncan

it was a fun morning!
glad i got some good pics!

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