Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Week

So I survived my first week of flying solo with the kids. It went a lot better than i could have imagined. I think it is due to the people who were interceding on my behalf (so if that was you - a big thank you!). We are getting into a groove of how life is going to be. It is fun, busy, and very active. I think you might call it organized chaos - but I don't know if it is really organized or not?!?! Campbell is doing great! She is growing and becoming a bit more "awake" so that has been fun.
Here are some pics and a sampling of what we have been doing.
(obviously i am partial to taking pictures of her right now - i am not neglecting my other two :) just giving them a break from the camera!

the boys loving on their little sister
j has been really into me taking pics of him lately

the slighs came up to meet little miss campbell

i guess this would be a good picture of:
"walking in daddy's shoes"
campbell all dressed up for her first sunday at church last week
(i love the sweet little smocked dress - she looked so pretty in it!)

we went to the zoo for sara's bday - unfortunately i didn't get a lot of pictures
jayden had his first experience on a carousel


kelly said...

awwwwwww!! campby - you are such a beauty!! love your punky bows :) so fun to have a girl, huh??!
glad you're doing so well! wondermommy!!!

ellen said...

She's so precious! Can't wait until I see her again!