Saturday, August 21, 2010

north park with cousins

because it has been SUPER hot here in texas and my boys like to get out and do things - we have been to northpark quite a bit lately. it is cool, has the fun pond with ducks and turtles, and we can get lunch in the food court. we went the other day with my mom and sister. emery kate and campbell are wearing matching outfits that sweet kelli gave them. (aren't they precious?)

(you may be wondering - what is that blue band aid doing on jayden's left upper cheek - don't worry we just almost had to get stitches on sunday after church - classic thing to happen when you have a 3 week old - thankfully we didn't and thankfully we have a friend from church who is a surgeon and could tell us that we didn't have to!)
emery kate was SO excited to hold campbell - i think that this was her first time to do it. in fact - she didn't want to let her go and got a little mad at us when we made her!
she is going to be a great big sister!

attempting a picture of all the cousins, apparently duncan has better things to do
this is as good as it gets!


Amy Marable said...

Sweet pictures! I love those kids! I also love Jayden makes my heart happy!

bradnkelli said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the girls in their matching outfits! Yes, they are precious!!