Saturday, January 23, 2010

sweet glimpses & projects

it has been incredibly wonderful weather here in dallas lately - which has been SO nice! i do love cold weather, but i have decided that with young kids - it is for the birds - you can only handle so many days inside! the other day i got sweet duncan on a blanket outside and was able to capture some sweet photos. the big brother on the other hand - is not into taking pictures - it is a bit frustrating - when i try to get a picture of him he gives me the cheesiest smile and closes his eyes - not exactly what i am looking for. so you will have to enjoy sweet duncan right now b/c he can pose perfectly for his mom!

i also wanted to show pictures of my newest project! i saw something similar to this at pottery barn and decided that i could make my own moss balls and put them on sticks - and so i did! i am really pleased with how they turned out. i actually was at pottery barn the other day and decided that i liked my creation better than theirs! so yeah for moss balls!
ps. the hearts on the table are a project that jayden made at our art class we have sometimes during our friday play group from church. it was such a fun project - they shaved crayons and then melted them in between wax paper. it was so cute! thought it was a good valentines addition to the table decorations!


carlisle clan conversation... said...

very cute, go momma!

The Sudan Fam said...

very cute christy!

Marci said...

Way to go, crafty momma! And little Duncan is so adorable---I love those big, expressive eyes. He is growing up fast.

kelly said...

i love the moss topiary thingys!!! crafty mama!!! they're perfect decorations for this time of year! how did you do it???!!! where did you get those cute containers they're in?
love jordan's post, too - darling :)

LeeAnn said...

duncan is precious!! and the table project turned out wonderful!!