Tuesday, January 5, 2010

life as us

just wanted to add some cute pictures of what has been going on with us. the boys are at such fun ages. duncan has just started to sit up and is getting so much more interactive! it is so fun!
he had his 6 month appt today with not so good stats:
weight: 14 lbs (<5%)
length: 26 1/4 (30%)
FOC: 17 (25%)
i guess everything was okay except for the weight. little d is not gaining weight like he should. i think it has a lot to do with my supply going down due to the pregnancy - so basically i need to supplement a lot more than i have been doing and increase the concentration of the formula to 22 kcal/ounce (as opposed to the normal concentration of 20 kcal/ounce). i am hoping that i still can nurse him a little until he is 9 months - so i guess we will see how it goes. we have an appointment in a month for a weight check to see how he is doing.

okay - now for the pictures!

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kelly said...

awwww! such great pics of the cutie boys! & i love the christmas pictures - the one of the 4/5 (!!) of you is really, really cute!
i guess duncky needs some dunkin donuts, huh??! haha! i'm sure he'll start gaining soon - maybe as he can have more baby food it will help, too?
love you guys!