Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"See One, Do One, Teach One"

This phrase is what we use in teaching hospitals.  See a procedure, do a procedure and then you are ready to teach the procedure.   Jayden has spent many days with his mommy at Starbucks and loves the Starbucks cups.  The other day we were walking home from Starbucks and the cup was in the pocket of his jogging stroller.  I did not realize that Jayden would be able to pick the cup out of the pocket AND start drinking from what was in the remainder of the cup.  This is how I found him when we got home.  I guess now he is ready to "teach one" the ways of Starbucks and the terrible addiction!


Amy Marable said...

I am proud to call jayden my nephew! I think he'll be drinking venti lattes before he can walk!

kelly said...

look @ that mischeivous (sp?) little grin!!!!

Nat Pat said...

ha! that is so funny! at least he's got good taste!