Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jayden's First Haircut

I don't know if you have noticed - but our little Jayden has always had a head full of hair. I have been hesitant in wanting to cut it because I know it is such a mark of maturity. Going from being a little baby - to a little boy - and I was not sure I was up for that. But we were in Houston this past weekend with our good friends the Harps - and decided to make the big move. Clint has cut Jordan's hair for over 4 years and does a really, really good job. We were so sad when the Harps moved not only because they are our dear friends, but because Clint knows how to deal with Jordan's hair the best. His hair is thick and coarse and grows out like a bush. Ogden men are hairy and that is just a fact. Well Jayden is the next Ogden man and had to get his hair cut. We gave Clint the sheers and he was up for the task! He did a great job! A 8 month old boy is not the easiest person to cut their hair. We thank you Clint for doing such a good job . . . and are glad that you have now cut two generations of Ogden men's hair!

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kelly said...

yaaay! cute entry - love the pics & i loved your little story :) so glad we could be a part of the momentous occasion!

i hope people read this & think we moved to houston to pursue clint's dream career in cosmotology :)