Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Barron's FIRST birthday

I can't believe it - my sweet little Barron has turned ONE!
We were in Waco for his birthday and it was a fun special day!

He woke up to Shipley's donuts with a candle :)

 That evening we went to Ridgewood for a small party with family and the Caronas.
It was fun b/c Dana and the kids were in Waco so they stayed an extra day to hang out with us and come to Barrons party - SO SWEET :)

Me and Danny

 the birthday boy

 big sister

 amy & dana

 these two - they have so much fun together!

 Love his cake -
Jayden was so proud because he helped Alice order it and decided what to put on it :)

 Barron was excited about eating his cake!

 love this picture of these two :)

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