Tuesday, February 16, 2010


as i am sure you have heard, it snowed almost a foot here in dallas last week. it was so much fun and a beautiful gift! the sad part about the snow is that on thursday - the day it all came down - i was really, really sick so i didn't have the energy and "umption" to do as many fun snow activities that we could have done. thankfully i am better now (in case you were wondering :)) and i have some pictures to mark the fun event. we still did manage to get out in the fun - because i didn't want jayden to miss out on everything just because his poor mom was sick!

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kelly said...

great pics, c! how fun to have so much snow!! and it looks like the boys had a blast. i love the pic of jayden with his hot chocolate. there & the next one of him alone look SO much like the sudan part of the family, i think! too cutie!!