Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

happy birthday dad! i hope that you have a wonderful one.
today i want to celebrate you and your life and who you are! you are such a man of integrity and full of the love of God. thank you for being a leader to our family and pointing us to the Father. thank you for taking the time to spend one on one time with each one of us kids. thank you for not controlling our actions but letting us learn. thank you for the way that you love to teach. thank you for the many trips that you took us on growing up (and in just a few weeks :)). i loved seeing more of God's glory through creation and our hiking experiences. thank you for taking the time to be at home - i know it was difficult with starting a new career and the demands of being a physican.
thank you for being a godly father who made it easy to relate to God as our Heavenly Father.

i love you and i am thankful for you! i know it has been a hard year for you (and all of us). but i thank God that we are able to celebrate His goodness despite the circumstances. thank you for being willing to press into God even when it is hard and painful. thank you also for loving our kids so well. it is so fun to see you in your new role as grandfather or better yet "coach." i love the way that you play with jayden and you marvel over the duncan and emery kate. thank you for being an ear to bounce questions and concerns to - and thank you for letting me learn in this whole parenting thing as well.

lastly - thank you for giving us a legacy of love for the Father and His people, love for the family and love of being together. what a great gift you have given us. we thank you for that!
i love you,
*****disclaimer - as i was looking through my pictures to find some to put up here - i realized that my dad and i are usually the ones that are taking the pictures so there are very few of just the two of us. (dad we need to change that!) and i also realized i don't have one of him and duncan together yet. (he probably does but i don't) so i need to change that too!


ellen said...

Hey, Christy! Happy Birthday to your Dad! We love you and we love your parents so much! What a wonderful tribute to him! When my kids grow up- oh wait! They ARE grown up! They may think they have no mother because I am always taking the pictures too! Can't wait to hear about the trip to the Cascades!

Nicki W. said...

what a sweet post!