Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas is Here!

I love this time of year. Everything about it - the decorations, the picking out gifts, the wrapping of gifts, the food, the parties, the music, the cards - i love it all! We decorated our tree last night and it was so much fun having Jayden help us! He found some random garland and had so much fun putting it on the tree. He would put it on one place and then take it off there and put it somewhere else. He was so proud of himself. I realized that I don't care if my tree looks "great" but I want it to be something that Jayden is able to experience and enjoy. So - sorry if my tree doesn't look perfect, but that's okay - I would rather have Jayden's little touch on it this year!


kelly said...

CHRISTY! jayden looks soooooo big! i can't stand it! where have our baby boys gone?? they're so big, now!
oh, & ps - you're tree & house always look darling! i'm sure jayden's touch will just add to the charm :)!!!
love & miss you! thanks for the call the other day - we don't get good reception in kville & now hudson's really sick & so i'm doing good to communicate this way!!! hope we can talk soon!

The Sudan Fam said...

i love the new blog background. its way cute!!

Waco Sudans said...

I can't believe it. He looks even older than last week. Your tree looks great. Looks like cookie decorating time.

Jen Haney said...

I read your blog too!!! Thanks!!! I would love to see you soon. He is getting so big. Can't beleive it!

Love you!

ellen said...

Hey, Christy! Got the Christmas card today! Jayden is so big! Didn't know you REALLY met Martha Stewart! Hope to see you soon!

Jill said...

I was thinking about y'all a few weeks ago and wandering where you were in life. Jayden is co cute- I like that name. I will be checking in with your blog- I just started blogging this summer and love reading everyone else's. Merry Christmas!