Friday, December 28, 2007

Boston and NYC: Part 1

Jordan, Jayden and I went to Boston and NYC for a family vacation this month. We went with my sister Amy and her husband Blake and my other sister Mary Beth and Jordan's brother Geoffrey. We went to Boston to visit some of our dearest friends. We got to stay with Ron and Lori Goode in their adorable cozy home. They moved up there this fall for Ron to go to school for his MBA. We had a great time with them and loved visiting and staying with them. We also went to see Joy, Travis, & Ellie Phillips. Ellie was only 2 weeks old when we got to see her. Jayden wanted a good first look on his future girlfriend :) We had a great time with them as well and it was such a treat to be able to be with them so close after little Ellie coming into the world. Ellie is precious and her parents are doing such a good job!! We had so much fun - these are pictures from our time in Boston.

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